Como pôr a casa em segurança ( sem gastar dinheiro)

     Such a fun way to child proof the cabinets

Tudo o que seja para pôr a casa em segurança para receber o bebé, é caríssimo! Protecções para as janelas, para as escadas, para as temíveis tomadas eléctricas, para impedir que os armários se abram com a ajuda de pequenas e habilidosas mãozinhas, enfim, é todo um mar enorme de gadgets e utensílios super úteis, mas que fazem um rombo na carteira.

Então, como ter a casa segura e preparada para receber a criança sem ficarmos depenados?

Aqui estão umas ideias brilhantes:

This is the answer to my baby gate/open staircase problem...Y Spindles 2-Pack

Safety 1st Expandable Table Bumper. #Baby #Safety

Child proof your cabinets with baby items you already have!!!! @Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons brooks great idea!

Baby Proofing DIY - ill need this one dayy !

Such a fun way to child proof the cabinets

Child proofing your house is important but this little device I could use for weightloss too!!

ouchlets! childproofing... may need it in the future!

Our son is two now which means that potty training is in full swing.  That means night time trips to the potty and getting out of bed more often.  I have been having the fun experience of watching him try to go back to bed through the monitor and the other night I saw the light come on.   I thought “NOOOOOOO” and ran in there.  That began a “light battle” that lasted for several …

NEED THIS!     Baby Proofing Products – Baby Safety Products -

Childproofing a surge protector

How to Child-proof each Room in the House

nursery diy - if only I had pinterest and thus, this idea, twenty some years ago when my tot daughters would unknowingly lock themselves in or out! What a brilliant idea!

Parenting Hacks to Childproof (Almost) Anything

HA!  Owen you shall not make a mess of my bathrooms yet!  :: super easy TP saver! pet/childproof!

Unfortunately accidents with flat screen TV's and furniture falling on children are happening more and more. Pls strap your TV's down if you have small kids!

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